Track Listing
1.  Signs of Life
2.  Learning to Fly
3.  The Dogs of War
4.  One Slip
5.  On The Turning Away
6.  Yet Another Movie
7.  Round and Around
8.  A New Machine (Part 1)
9.  Terminal Frost
10.  A New Machine (Part 2)
11.  Sorrow

by Britt Burns
by Shaun Hough

A Momentary Lapse of Reason Album Review

By Shaun Hough

For the following review I chose to do the album A Momentary Lapse of Reason. As many of you know I'm a huge Waters fan so I don't usually deal with a whole lot of post Waters stuff but I will try to give Gilmour and company the benefit of the doubt and try to objectively review this album.

First off I will state the following: I think that the whole thing with Pink Floyd is slightly ludicrous. Anyone that knows anything about the band knows that Roger Waters was a huge force behind the music in the 70's and late 80's. Many, including myself, consider him to be the predominant force behind the band. The fact the he left changes everything..The following review is from that of a Waters fan review:

I'll start off with the first song "Signs of Life". Signs of Life is a good environmental song and sets the tone quite nice. It actually gives one a feeling of "wetness" that I think Gilmour is intending. It shows patience for setting a mood, something I think that Gilmour has learned from his years in Floyd. It shows here. This is a very good piece of work.

The next song "Learning to Fly" is a great song in general but however is a horrible Floyd song. What do I mean by that? Well I think the song is excellent in terms of "catchiness" and I like listening to it but it does seem kind of shallow for Floyd and definitely is not anywhere near any of their best work overall... Some would say this song is radio sell out....but not me :)

"Dogs of War" is next on next on the agenda. I think I have mixed feelings about this song. I know it's one of the most hated Floyd songs there are around. I've read it's been voted as one of the worst Floyd songs to ever been made (besides Seamus which i personally love-heh). I doubt very seriously it's one of Floyds worst songs (I think that honor is reserved for one of Syds songs - don't get me wrong I love Syd but some of his songs are wack). Dogs of War has terribly lyrics and the music is abysmal until the song is about half over...then Gilmour starts jamming and it saves the song......

"One Slip" is a an ok song. It's nothing to rave about but it's not bad either. Sorry I don't have much to say but the title track of the album is neither great nor poor. As always, I think Gilmour does a good job of the music but the lyrics are lacking (as they always have since Roger has left the band). On the other hand I have nothing but praise for the song "On the turning away". This song is Floyd at it's best. Being a Roger fan I know the importance of lyrics and although this song has somewhat average lyrics it's lyrics can also be interpreted in different ways, making it an interesting song. However, the real reason it shines is Gilmours guitar solo and end-song music, which makes it one of Floyds best jamming sessions, right up there with the Holy Grail of Dark side of the moon. This song almost makes me forget that Roger is gone (the key word is almost of course - heh).

Next is "Yet Another Movie/Round & Around". These are basically instrumentals. The music is good but if you're a Waters fan beware.....there is no great hidden message waiting for you here....just good music.

"A New Machine Part 1" is an introductory for the song "Terminal Frost". This is a decent instrumental although to me it gets boring at times. It reminds me of the evening news. In fact it could actually be the evening news theme song. It's ok to listen to in the background when you're doing something but it's nothing earth shaking. I think Gilmour got kinda bored here and just decided to do filler to be honest (although it is good filler, but then again, anything Gilmour does is good filler eh?).

The song "A New Machine Part 2" sets up the killer song "Sorrow". This is Gilmour kicking ass at his all time best. The introduction to the song sets the mood perfectly. The whole song is Floyd at Floyd's best. Sure Waters lyrics and deep meanings are missing here, as they are from any of post Waters music, but this is totally killer music. Gilmour starts out by setting a mood here and his lyrics aren't bad. The whole song sets up Gilmours expertise guitar work for the last 3/4's of the song. Call it bad or good but Gilmour sure does a great job of finishing the whole thing.

Which brings me to the final review of the album Momentary Lapse of Reason. I don't give it a high rating overall on the Floydian scale for one simple reason: it doesn't signify anything to me. What does that mean? It means I feel as if this whole cd is an exercise in technical perfection with very little soul. I think that it definitely misses Waters being in the mix.

No i'm not a sour grapes fan that hates everything that the band does after Waters does if that's what you think.. As i've joked with some - this is a Monetary Lapse of Treason...made purely for the money.... Do I think Gilmour would do this? I don't be the judge.... however - This is one CD that is lacking soul. Some songs are excellent and I feel it's definitely worth it's purchase price, however, put it beneath The Wall. It certainly belongs there.