As stated on the Legal page, The Pink Floyd Fandom does not support Unsolicited Commercial Email (spam), either by sending it or by providing information to those who do. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Internet email, it is usually quite easy to create mail with a fake sending address. This means that unscrupulous spammers can and often do send spam emails claiming to be from people or companies with whom the spammers share no real affiliation. As The Pink Floyd Fandom has grown in size and popularity, we too have been the victims of such forgeries. If you have received a spam message claming to be from a user, please feel free to report it to, and we will take all legal actions available to us for the unauthorized use of our name, but please be aware that we have no actual control over these actions of others and ultimately are probably powerless to stop it.

If you have received spam mail from a user, please report it at your earliest convenience to The transmission of spam from Pink Floyd Fandom Webmail accounts is expressly prohibited and will, if proven, result in summary termination of said account.

We thank you for your patience, and sincerely regret any inconvenience brought to you by the false or unauthorized use of our name.