Roger Waters, Jun 30, 2000 (Seattle, WA)

by Adler Floyd

After a 5 hour drive to the magnificent venue that is the Gorge
Amphitheatere we entered through the gates and what we witnessed was
amazing. The stage was set on the end of a cliff overlooking a canyon with
the naked sun exposed to our eyes. The weather was perfect, the fine
mixture of seattle winds and warm sun, you could not have asked for
anything else.

We went to our floor seats and waited for the moment when Roger would come out.
8:30pm on the dot, Roger comes out and greets the crowd. He walks up on the
podium and turns to the microphone. He intros the show with the same words
that could be heard on the new live PinkFloyd double album "Is there
anybody out there", then he looks to the canyon and counts in German...1 2
3... and all of a sudden a jet comes flying out of the canyon and over the
stage. The crowd goes wild and the first set starts.

Roger and his band play through all the Pink Floyd tunes flawlessy as the
sun hides into the open space. 20mins brake. Set 2 starts, Roger covers
more of his own songs, he does Perfect sense from Amused to death....and
when the great female vocals come on....its kick ass...the same back up
singer that is on the CD is on that very same stage, that was very over the
top....he then does few more floyd covers and its over..:(..but wait...he
comes out for one more song...Each small candle, brand new tune.

The performance of this show was just amazing, i've never felt chills down
my neck at any show before and this one gave me something to
remember. Roger waters is a genius he is a lyrical master. He's only
touring until the 16th, don't miss it. You will never see anything this
magnificent anywhere. 5 hour drive and 100bux a ticket, well worth it if
you are a Rogers/Pink Floyd fan.